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Hi, we are Lighstromo, a New Zealand game development studio.

Our mission is to deliver the best experience for our clients, big or small.

Are you wondering if making a game for your business is for you?

Games are extremely versatile. They can help your business grow! Games can be used as a marketing tool to attract a wider customer base, they can be great for promotional events, and of course they are a great educational tool that can help you explain a concept to your customers.

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Our work

Snapper Game

Snapper Game was developed for the Auckland Maritime Museum. It is an educational project that teaches kids about responsible snapper fishing. The game is currently on display at the museum, and is enjoyed by children and adults alike.


Lighstromo helped develop a 3D educational sign language game. Together with an Auckland based studio Eyemobi and its client SeeCom, we brought this digital experiment to life, using the cutting edge hand tracking technology.


AfterMath was an educational project developed for The University of Auckland to explain complex mathematical concepts in a delightfully quirky 'zombie' way.

Nonoi The Kakapo

Nonoi The Kākāpō was developed in collaboration with Eyemobi for Kakapo Software as an educational and conservational game, supporting the endangered kākāpō parrots. The project consists of multiple learning activities and exercises that help kids to learn about colours.


Fridgemas was a promotional game designed for Pak'nSave and contracted to us by the company named 1stScreen, currently known as Sense Data. It was available during the Christmas period of 2017, and had more than 35 thousand entries. The winners would receive shopping vouchers.

Birds of New Zealand

Birds of New Zealand is the first non-contracted game our studio has developed (publicly available from Christmas 2020). It is a drawing app which teaches kids about the awesome and wonderful birds of Aotearoa.

A special version of the app for the Wellington-based bird sanctuary Zealandia featuring Te Reo Māori versions of fun facts about the birds has also been released.

Both versions are completely free. You can donate to the Zealandia sanctuary if you click on the question mark button on the first screen.

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