What is Binding?

In the aftermath of an unexplained apocalypse, "Binding" unfolds a riveting narrative centered around Billy, a curious yet naïve teenager with a kind heart, and Tessa, his devoted German Shepherd companion. Together, they embark on a daring mission to find Billy's older sister, known simply as "T". As they journey through the chaos, Billy is driven by a desire to unravel the secrets of his past and the cataclysm that has torn their world asunder.

Billy’s path is yours to shape. With every decision, you have the power to influence his destiny, steering him towards darkness or preserving his humanity. Tessa, with her unyielding loyalty, stands by Billy through thick and thin. 

Billy's quest for survival will introduce him to allies and adversaries, each with their own agendas. These encounters challenge Billy to discern whom to trust, weaving a complex tapestry of relationships that shape your journey. 

Featuring unique controllable companions, and a  stylized comic-book aesthetic, Binding offers a new take on the zombie genre.

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🧟Long live the walking dead!🧟